The Dungeoneers

Pauli Kidd


Welcome to a world of dungeons, treasure, and adventure!

Meet Snekki the goblin! A rather dodgy priestess of an extremely dodgy goddess.

Out on the frontier, a girl has to make do as best she can. Snekki makes do with some creative “tomb archaeology,” delving into old ruins for treasures. She gathers a group of friends who almost manage to keep her out of trouble.

In an ancient tomb, the group discovers clues to the location of the long-lost palace of the Wolf Lord—one of the immortal slavers who once held the world in thrall. The palace contains a font of wishes that can make any dream come true.

The group finds themselves drawn into murderous plots that haunt the frontier. Other groups are also searching for the lost palace of the Wolf Lord. If these groups can unlock the power of the font, then the free lands could once again fall beneath the heel of tyrants.

Dungeoneers is written by Pauli Kidd, author of games-related novels, such as White Plume Mountain, Descent Into the Depths of the Earth, Queen of the Demonweb Pits, The Council of Blades, and Red Sails in the Fallout.