Effectuators! Book 1


Effectuators Book 1: Horrors of the Night

Pauli Kidd

Rip roaring Victorian paranormal adventures, in the Year of Our Lord 1869!

“Brilliana Stetham is the sort of woman who could certainly cut cards with the Devil, after cucumber sandwiches, of course!”

No matter how haunted your house, no matter how grey the Grey Lady, or black the dreaded Black Hound, your dangers can be eliminated, your fears assuaged. For there is an “expert” who lends her psychic powers and mystic skills to those in need—for a price!

But Brilliana is a delicious charlatan. She dresses the part of the elegant mystic and woman of dark learning. She accepts commissions to “sense presences” in houses of the wealthy, whereupon she undertakes research, presents her findings about local calamities, and performs appropriate ceremonies to placate the ghosts and ensure the safety of the residents of the house. It is all done with great thoroughness, in deadly seriousness… and it is all a magnificent scam.

She is managing it all perfectly well until, one day, a haunting she is investigating turns out to be real. Contractually obligated to rid her client’s building of monsters, Brilliana is trapped into battling powers she cannot fully understand. An entirely new science must be developed to vanquish the unknown. With science in her heart and a top hat set squarely on her head, Brill storms forward to become a ghost hunter. It is the start of a radical new life as an intrepid combatant of all things supernatural, an adversary of monsters and remover of curses.

And thus, Brilliana Stetham becomes a Paranormal Effectuator.