Effectuators! Book 5


Effectuators! Book 5: The Fate of Worlds

Pauli Kidd

1872 In Britain, London has recovered from the failed coup attempt by Lord Bimmington.

Possessed by the otherworld entity known as the “Severed Lord,” Bimmington has fled to the continent. But even though the Severed Lord controls hellish powers, he is only a tool. The mastermind of evil is none other than Brilliana’s father, Claudius Stetham.

The hidden pieces of the Severed Lord contain powers that can obliterate entire civilisations. If the creature restores itself, then it will bring a reign of darkness to destroy the earth.

The lost pieces of the Severed Lord must be found, and they must be destroyed. Brilliana and her companions find themselves in a race against time: a race that will decide the fate of worlds.