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Non-fiction and Life Stories

A Trans Feminist’s Past (Forest Handford)

Before My Warranty Runs Out (Joanna Clark and Margot Wilson)

Dancing the Dialectic (Rupert Raj)

Emergence from Stealth (Ronnie Gordon)

Feelings Stephanie Castle (edited by Margot Wilson)

Girl in the Dream (Margot Wilson)

Glimmerings: Trans Elders Tell Their Stories (edited by Margot Wilson and Aaron Devor)

Inspired (Stella Paris)

Journey of a Lifetime (Karen M. Vaughn)

Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness (Dee Arianne Rockwood)

Mr Winky Goes to Melbourne (S. Jane Hill)

My Dog Rigby (Jan Olsson)

My Life Inside the Chrysalis (S. Jane Hill)

My Untrue Past (Alex Bakker)

Pushing the Boundaries (Peter Jennings)

QdQh: Queen of Diamonds, Queen of Hearts (Michelle Nastasis)

The Boy Beneath My Skin (Charley Burton)

The Stranger Within (Judith Skillings)

The Transgender Compendium (Diane Saunders)

Transgender Heart (Bodhi Thompson-Gardner)

TRANscestors Volume I Generations of Hope (edited by Jude Patton and Margot Wilson

TRANscestors Volume II Generations of Change (edited by Jude Patton and Margot Wilson)

Triple Trans (Rose Barkhimer)

We are God’s Children Too (Rona Matlow)

Work in Progress (Reid Vanderburgh)

Until I Smile at You (Peter Jennings)

Fiction, Novels, and Poetry

7 Minutes (Paul Van Der Spiegel)

A Different Kind of Courage (H. W. Coyle)

A Lion in Waiting (H. W. Coyle)

A Particular Friendship (Paul Van Der Spiegel)

All is Quiet in the Cosmos (Emerson)

Bingo (Daegal)

Dance of the Bacchá (H. W. Coyle)

Gora (Daegal)

Earth-Kin (Pauli Kidd)

Far Side of the Moon (Stephanie Castle)

Flipping (Forest Handford)

God Save the Queen (H. W. Coyle)

Gospel of a Witch (Diana Bishop)

Inconvenient Truths (H. W. Coyle)

Memoirs of a Cold Warrior (Veronica Zerrer)

My Heart is Out for Blood (Aurynanya)

No Greater Love (H. W. Coyle)

Parably Not (Paul Van Der Spiegel)

Partnership (Stephanie Castle)

Pig Heads (Daegal)

Queenie Escapes (Steven J. Yeo)

Queenie in France (Steven J Yeo)

Rise of the Magical Three (Kurt W. Oster)

Secrets Echoed (Kurt W. Oster)

The Abyssal of the Soul I (S. Jane Hill)

The Elysian Project (D. Axt)

The Dungeoneers (Pauli Kidd)

The Gambit (H. W. Coyle)

The Ignatius 7 (Kurt W. Oster)

The Legend of Alfhildr (H. W. Coyle)

Tips (H. W. Coyle)

Trans Deus (Paul Van Der Spiegel)

Bibi Book Cover

Bibi the Happy Trans Girl (Karla May-Strange)

Eli The Happy Trans Boy Takes Testosterone (Karla May-Strange)

Good Night, My Child (S. Stevens)

Norm As I Am! (Cy Nelson) (English)

Norm Comme Je Suis! (Cy Nelson) French

¡Norm Como Soy! (Cy Nelson) (Spanish)

Norm Jiu Shi Wo! (Cy Nelson) (Chinese)

Mystical Way of Time (Kurt W. Oster)

Ruth’s Wonderful Song (Peter Jennings)

Zombies are People, Too (Daegal)

Colouring Books

A Social Justice Colouring Book (Flag Shop)

Can’t Her Bury Tales (Iona Rivera)